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B2B VietNam Marketplace

Vietnam business connection company (B2B VietNam Marketplace) aims at promoting trading between Vietnamese enterprises and foreign companies. B2B VietNam Marketplace has been using both traditional...


Enhance Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises' (MSMEs) Capacity for Inclusive Development by Cross-Border E-Commerce Adoption 

MSMEs are the foundation of almost APEC ecocomies. In APEC region, they make up over 97% of all enterprises and generate more than 70% of all jobs. However, the participation of MSMEs in global trade is not commensurate with the great share of this sector yet. Whereas, the latest RTAs in APEC is predicted to bring out many effect to the MSMEs. Therefore, the core goal of this project is to expand the internationalization opportunities for MSMEs through cross-border e-commerce and the influences of TPP on the APEC's development.

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