Zalora Thailand

Zalora Thailand was officially launched in 2012. Home to more than 500 international and local fashion brands for both men and woman. At Zalora you will find shoes, bags, dresses, skin care, the best of Thai designer brands and more!

The United States

Amazon, Inc., commonly known as Amazon, is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company based in Seattle, Washington that was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994. The tech giant is the largest Internet-based retailer in the world by total sales and market capitalization. started as an online bookstore and later diversified to sell DVDs, Blu rays, CDs, video downloads/streaming, MP3 downloads/streaming, audio book downloads /streaming, software, video games, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry. The company also produces consumer electronics--notably, Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, Fire TV, and Echo--and is the world's largest provider of cloud infrastructure services. Amazon also sells certain low-end products like USB cables under its in-house brand AmazonBasics.


We connect millions of buyers and sellers around the world, empowering people and creating economic opportunity for all.


Marketplace of individual sellers/creators of handmade or vintage items, art, and supplies.

Viet Nam

Alibaba ( wholesale network is the global enterprise (B2B) e-commerce famous brand, for tens of millions of network operators to provide massive business information and convenient and secure online trading market, but also businessmen to friends and real interaction.

The Motorcycle Community in Viet Nam - The place of motorcyclists in the country. Update price information on buying and selling, evaluating motorcycles, large displacement motorcycles.

The leading e-commerce in Viet Nam.

Alibaba Vietnam Channel

We enable businesses to transform the way they market, sell and operate. We provide the fundamental technology infrastructure and marketing reach to help merchants, brands and other businesses to leverage the power of the Internet to engage with their users and customers. Our businesses are comprised of core commerce, cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, innovation initiatives and others. Through investee affiliates, Cainiao Network and Koubei, respectively, we participate in the logistics and local services sectors. In addition, we have a profit-sharing interest in Ant Financial Services, the financial services group that operates mainly through Alipay, the leading third-party online payment platform in China.

B2B VietNam Marketplace

Vietnam business connection company (B2B VietNam Marketplace) aims at promoting trading between Vietnamese enterprises and foreign companies. B2B VietNam Marketplace has been using both traditional and modern marketing tools and media based on applied e-commerce technology. In addition, B2B VietNam Marketplace would actively make connection between buyers' desire, suppliers and other parties offering supportive services; thereby creating good conditions for trading succeed with maximum benefit.


The goal of Good Market is to become the leading online shopping market in Vietnam. The purpose of the website is to allow buyers and sellers to connect and transact securely and easily in a convenient and clear environment. 

All items are available on our website, whether it is for buying, selling, looking for homes, cars, hiring, used electronics, pets, and Whole family service. Our aim is to provide Vietnamese an online platform for simple, convenient, trouble-free use. There is no need to register and anyone can search and post relevant information on various categories of products for sale, from real estate, electronics to cars and more. 

Each of us has products that can be sold. In addition to keeping products out of the home, anyone can make more money by selling it to others through the online marketplace. 

Products you do not need can still become valuable to others. Do not hesitate to submit your product information now! 

If you have any questions regarding your ads, please see the guidelines and regulations for online advertising on our site. You can also check our help page to contact us.

JIB Online

J.I.B computer group sales all sorts of IT products and equipments, such as notebooks, PCs, mainboards, CPUs, RAMs, harddisks and thumb drives. is a member of Lazada Group - the number one online shopping center in Southeast Asia, present in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Pioneering e-commerce in the region, Lazada offers customers an efficient shopping experience and provides retailers with a simple, direct approach to the majority of customers. Southeast Asia.

Ambition: Quick Sell is a platform system, social network to support small and medium enterprises, small businesses, entrepreneurs start trading ... Vietnam's unique e-commerce system 

Mission: Connect and support the 'power' of small and medium-sized businesses, startups survive, grow and compete business with 'giants', corporations at home and abroad 

MBN (short for) = Happy to buy + happy to sell + fast easy


Developed and developed by Caribbean Technology, a technology and communications company best known for its internet and mobile-based development.

Developed and developed by Caribbean Technology - a technology and communications company renowned for its internet-based and mobile-based development, quickly gained groundbreaking development just after Briefly put into trial run. is an effective information network for timely, accurate and complete updating of all activities that are happening in the real estate trading market, satisfying the needs of home users. Land and related fields.

User-friendly, easy-to-use interface, targeted to mobile users.

Although not the first pioneer in the field of online real estate information linkage, is the technology leader when it comes equipped with many modern features and utilities for the first time. The first in Vietnam such as intelligent search engine ownership, optimal post system classification, user authentication technology through superior mobile number.

Currently, the website has more than 350,000 registered users with more than 100,000 registered users via unique telephone numbers (registered with the same phone number being used and validated), a large database of about 10,000 posts. Advise on real estate-related content, architectural construction and more than 2,000 information on major real estate projects throughout the country.

Website growth rate of traffic has skyrocketed since the beginning of December 2015, ranked in the top online communication channels in Vietnam today. Particularly ranked high on the Alexa rankings of Amazon (with Amazon traffic): ranked 9th in Vietnam with more than 600,000 hits and over 3 million views per day, figures are endorsed and displayed. Marketing public at the link

The retail system of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, tablets, laptops, latest genuine accessories, good prices, customer service is the most popular


Online shopping offers convenience, variety, choice, with support services for purchase, sales, payment safe, professional delivery. 
With the motto 'Always put yourself in the customer position and treat their expectations,' is constantly making efforts to improve the shopping needs of consumers. 
Vatgia ensure to provide the right information to the right people at the right time, ensure secure online payment, apply the appropriate form of shipping.

Vietnam B2B Direct

Vietnam B2B Direct provides sourcing products and manufacturers in Vietnam, supply chain management in Vietnam, procurement services and is a trade solutions provider for Vietnamese and worldwide companies in Vietnam.