The Strategy of Promoting Born - Global and High- Growth SMEs

Chinese Taipei presented on the role of SMEs as the backbone of their economy. Born Global SMEs represented a significant presence among them. Chinese Taipei was trying to realign policies to direct resources towards high growth SMEs, promoting Born Global SMEs, as well as prolonging their stage of high growth.

APEC Accelerator Network for Early-Stage Investment

Chinese Taipei updated the progress of “APEC Accelerator Network (AAN) for Early‐Stage Investment”. The AAN Forum I was held on June 8 2015 and the AAN Forum II would be organized on September 22 in thePhilippines. The 2015 APEC Challenge on October 19‐20 in Chinese Taipei was looking for start‐ups specialized in four technology applications.

MYP: Improving Natural Disaster Resilience of APEC SMEs to Facilitate Trade and Investment

Chinese Taipei reported the progress of the project. Two workshops had been held and their main findings were (1) supply chain risk management is essential for supply chain resilience (2) micro insurance could be a solution to mitigate the risks of business continuity (3) innovative mechanisms are substantial to enhance disaster’s resilience of SMEs.

New Era of Growth for APEC SMEs Through Online -to- Offline Business Models

According to Chinese Taipei, with the rapid development of mobile internet, the fast integration of e‐

commerce and mobile payment technology, O2O (Online‐to‐Offline) is rapidly becoming a new business mode with huge market potential in the APEC region. Chinese Taipei and the Philippines are co‐proposing the APEC project of “New Era of Growth for APEC SMEs through O2O” in cooperation with top e‐commerce platforms to scale up their local business; collect at least

20 best practices of O2O from 10 APEC economies

Credit Guarantee Mechanisms for Promoting SME Financial Inclusion

Chinese Taipei shared practices of credit guarantee mechanisms established to channel loans from banking sector to SMEs and promote SME financial inclusion. In addition to regular credit guarantee programs for SMEs, Small and Medium Enterprise Credit Guarantee Fund (SMEG) also cooperated with central/local governments to offer some preferential credit guarantee programs in conjunction with the “Counterpart Guarantee.”

APEC Start-ups Accelerator Initiative: APEC Accelerator Network

Chinese Taipei reported on the updated results of the project which brought together 19 economies and over 500 participants in collaboration and partnership with various leading international organizations and enterprises. It also briefed on the outcomes of the two phases of the projects and what would be expected in the next stage.