Mexico Business Directory


Database Directory of 19,087 Mexico Exporters Seeking New Markets And International Trade Services

The Mexico Business Directory database provides you immediate desktop access to the most comprehensive resource available for doing business in Mexico. The Mexican company data is constantly updated and includes information vital to finding new import products, new export buyers, low cost manufacturing and new marketing opportunities for your products and services.

The current database of the Mexican exporters features over 19,087 exporting companies anxious to provide you with the best quality, lowest cost goods for your wholesale, retail, web site or eBay customers. This list of Mexico exporters is also a great marketing database for any business involved in services like logistics, shipping, freight forwarding, customs brokering and other similar services.

With this unique database you will have complete access to over:

  • 19,087 Mexico exporters in a easy to use database format
  • 9,958 of these have e-mail addresses
  • 7,347 have web sites

The directory of Mexican Exporters database is compiled in an easy to use Microsoft Excel format - the Mexico Exporter data may also be provided in other database formats. It is searchable by Standard Industrial Codes (SIC) or product, is fully exportable and is the most comprehensive list of exporters in Mexico available today.

Each record in the Mexican exporters database includes company name, full address and telephone number and also includes the following fields, if the information is available - executive contact, title, annual sales, fax number, number of employees, approximately 9,958 records have email addresses, and approximately 7,347 have web sites.