Emstret Holdings Limited

Section 25, Lot 02, Guitau Avenue
111 Port Moresby
Telephone No: 
+675 3258425
Mobile No: 
+ 675 75301278

Emstret is diverse in it's operations but maintain the core business that is Satellite Internet service provider VSAT, allowing communications and IT solutions to cover business needs. Accomplishing the precise connectivity at hard to reach locations is tough and the cost of poor communication services high. When a location can’t be connected via a cable, fibre or terrestrial radio link, then VSAT is the only option to provide you with the services you require. It’s not uncommon for upstream IT departments to have minimal expertise in VSAT or limited time to invest in the fine tuning required to consistently achieve the connectivity demanded in business daily activity. Emstret has detailed knowledge of when to use VSAT and how to get the best from both the service we provide and the connection itself through the use of advanced optimisation techniques that improve bandwidth utilisation. We are an IT consultation company that specialised in hardware, software & network solutions.

Other services are Training & Consultancies, Event Management, Merchandise and Properties.