Developing a Best Practice Global Value Chain Framework on Fisheries Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

The project is aimed at promoting the growth and development of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) participate in the fisheries global value chain in the APEC region. MSMEs in the fisheries sector have not been actively participating in the global value chain given the many supply and demand side constraints - lack of capital, technical know-how, technology, access to markets, barriers to trade, among others. The lack of local participation means local communities miss out on vital economic and social benefits leading to many social problems.The global value chain workshop on fisheries MSMES in developing APEC economies looks at analyzing the global value chain (GVC) for fisheries MSMEs in the APEC region to improve competitiveness, enhance market access, increase trade and investments flows, identify challenges and reduce barriers to trade. It is proposed that a best practice global value chain framework to improve competitiveness of the fisheries MSME into the global food value chain is developed.

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Policy Dialogue on Sharing of Best Practices in Building Institutional Capacities to Promote Internationalisation of MSMEs and Developing Competitiveness of MSMEs to go Global

One of the most crucial challenges facing MSMEs in APEC economies is how to create new business and investment opportunities in regional and global markets. Recent studies reveal that MSMEs in the APEC region account for only 30% of Exports, which is quite low considering the fact that MSMEs account for 90% of businesses and employ up to 60% of the workforce. The project aims to invite expert international speakers and participants from APEC economies to partake in an interactive workshop where participants, particularly from developing economies can learn from the experiences/best practices from other APEC economies and acquire knowledge and skills which will allow them to formulate specific policies to support MSMEs in their home economies tap into regional markets. This project draws on the  direction established by the Boracay Action Agenda to Globalize MSMEs, the APEC Iloilo Initiative: Growing Global MSMEs for Inclusive Development, and the SMEWG Strategic Plan 2017-2020. A two day workshop will be organized on the margins of SOM 2 during PNG APEC year 2018.

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Proposal to Establish Database on Retired Business Executive to Provide Coaching Services to MSMEs

Papua New Guinea proposed to develop a database of retired business leaders and experts as mentors for SMEs.  The proposal will be discussed intersessionally