ttHigo (powered by Newegg)

TtHai Gou -----Smart selection of goods to synchronize the world

A new American business model that brings a new shopping experience

Tt sea purchase, the world's leading cargo sea platform created by Newegg, North America's largest technology e-commerce platform. Unlike the overseas buyer model adopted by the general overseas shopping platform, tt Haibu uses the cooperation with overseas high-quality retailers and brand manufacturers through the strict selection and trading control of the Newegg Global Marketplace. Direct sales model that sends the goods directly to the buyer.

There are a selection of innovative and technological products that are synchronized globally. There is a localized payment logistics solution. tt Haidian is to provide Chinese consumers with a guaranteed, humanized and smooth quality cross-border direct purchase consumer platform.

Tt sea purchase operator Newegg was founded in 2001 in Southern California, USA. It is the most authoritative consumer electronics and computer product e-commerce in North America. It has 12 million consumers, providing products and professional online B2C and B2B online. Consumer services. According to the latest published authoritative magazine TWICE in 2017, Newegg ranks fifth in the nation's top 100 consumer electronics online retailers, and is also the third-largest pure online retailer in North America. In 2016, Newegg accepted a strategic investment in China's industry-leading mobile Internet products and technology service companies, which injected new blood into the development of Newegg. With the support of contact and interaction, Newegg has launched a cross-border direct purchase plan covering more than 50 countries around the world with its mature cross-border trade operation capability and rich experience in overseas customer service. Among them, tt Haibao is a sea specially built for the Chinese market. The platform was launched in the Chinese market in the fourth quarter of 2017. This marks the completion of the global cross-border direct purchase business created by the contact and interaction Newegg. Global sellers and consumers will enjoy the products at the same time. The quick feeling of direct shopping.


Amazon China

Amazon entered China in 2004, adhering to the "customer-to-customer" philosophy, and constantly innovating for Chinese users. At present, Amazon's core strategic business in China includes cross-border e-commerce centered on Amazon's overseas purchases and Amazon's global stores, Kindle e-book readers and e-books, Amazon Logistics Operations and Amazon Cloud Computing Services (AWS). 

Relying on Amazon's 15 global sites, unique global resources and cross-border logistics system, Amazon China continues to promote cross-border e-commerce strategy. In 2014, Amazon China officially launched Amazon's overseas store, Amazon's first localized, multi-site global store, dedicated to creating a high-quality overseas authentic cross-border online shopping destination that Chinese consumers trust. Consumers can directly purchase 30 major categories from Amazon, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany in the Chinese language, and over 20 million overseas products. Commodities are sent directly to Chinese consumers from overseas operations centers via Amazon's global logistics system. The Amazon Prime Membership Service was launched in China in October 2016 and is Amazon's first member service to provide unlimited free distribution of cross-border orders throughout the year. 

Amazon Global Store is dedicated to helping Chinese sellers develop their export business, expand their global markets and build international brands. Tens of thousands of Chinese sellers have joined the project. Twelve overseas sites including Amazon, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Mexico, Australia, the Middle East and India have been fully opened to Chinese sellers. Chinese sellers can sell merchandise to more than 300 million active users worldwide, as well as millions of corporate and institutional buyers in Amazon, Europe and Japan. 

With 175 operations centers worldwide and more than 100,000 Kiva smart robots, Amazon delivers products to 185 countries and regions. With the world's leading logistics delivery capabilities, Amazon China provides a first-class cross-border delivery experience for Chinese consumers who cross-border online shopping through overseas purchases, and helps Chinese sellers export overseas and expand into the international market. 

Amazon China is committed to bringing a perfect reading experience to Chinese consumers and igniting the reading enthusiasm of the Chinese public. In December 2012, the Kindle China e-book store was officially launched. Through cooperation with hundreds of Chinese publishers and import booksellers, it now provides more than 700,000 e-books for Chinese readers. In June 2013, Kindle e-book readers entered the Chinese market. Subsequently, Amazon successively brought a full range of Kindle e-book readers to Chinese consumers, and sold them simultaneously with the world. Kindle Unlimited e-book monthly service and Prime reading And other services have also been launched. 

Amazon Cloud Services (AWS) has served some Chinese customers since 2014 with a "limited preview" approach. As of August 1, 2016, cloud services in the AWS China (Beijing) region will be operated and provided by Halo New Network. The new partnership is specifically tailored for the AWS China (Beijing) region and is designed to provide first-class cloud services to customers who need to run workloads in China's data centers, reflecting Amazon's long-term commitment to customers. In December 2017, the second AWS region in China operated by Xiyun Data officially provided services to customers. The Chinese market is one of AWS's most important markets outside the US with two data center areas and five Availability Zones. In September 2018, Amazon Cloud Services (AWS) announced the establishment of the AWS Artificial Intelligence Institute in Shanghai, dedicated to building AWS artificial intelligence and machine learning cloud services that benefit the entire society.

Kaola is a relative newcomer to the Chinese ecommerce scene, having been established in 2015 by Netease, an IT giant in China. Its original aim was offering a selection of products from Australian cross-border brands and sellers (hence the name - it means "Koala" in Chinese).

Kaola now offers a product selection from brands based in over 80 countries worldwide and actually beats both Tmall Global and JD Worldwide in being the biggest cross-border import marketplace in China. Besides that advantage, it also offers quick payments (which should be completed within 7 days of sales) and has a heavy focus on food products.


Jingdong (

Jingdong officially entered the e-commerce field in 2004. In 2018, Jingdong Group's market transaction volume was close to 1.7 trillion yuan*. In July 2018, Jingdong ranked the Fortune Global 500 for the third time, ranking 181st, ranking second in the world after Amazon and Alphabet.

In May 2014, Jingdong Group was officially listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. It was the first large-scale integrated e-commerce platform in China that successfully went public in the US. In July 2015, JD was selected for the Nasdaq 100 Index and the Nasdaq 100 Average Weighted Index with high growth.

Tmall Global

Welcome to - China's Premier Online Shopping Destination. is an open business-to-consumer (B2C) platform enabling 
businesses world-wide to reach China's vast and growing consumer market. has established itself as the destination for quality, brand-name
goods catering to increasingly sophisticated Chinese consumers 
and is the most visited B2C online retail website in China. is a professional B2B E-business Marketplace. It connects the global suppliers and buyers.

Launched in April 2008, is dedicated to providing a premium shopping experience for increasingly sophisticated Chinese consumers in search of top-quality branded merchandise. A large number of international and Chinese brands and retailers have established storefronts on is a business within Alibaba Group.


Taobao is a Chinese online shopping website similar to eBay, Amazon and Rakuten, which is operated in Hangzhou, Zhejiang by Alibaba Group.