Improving Innovative Environment and Capabilities: APEC SME Database on Best Innovative Practices

The Database of APEC Best Practices in SME Innovation was first announced during the 8th APEC SME Technology Conference and Fair (APEC SMETC) in Yiwu, China. It aims to provide all‐dimensional, multi‐field matchmaking services for APEC SMEs. Relevant updates of the Database will be announced at regular intervals.

Stimulating SME Innovative Capabilities through Legend Star

Legend Star, China, aims to solve relevant issues on talent, capital and resources faced by SMEs through its pyramid training system of entrepreneurship CEO special training class, regional short‐term training courses, entrepreneurship lecture hall, along with trinity technology entrepreneurship incubation model of enterprise training, Angel Investment, open platform, which has gained a number of achievements on SME entrepreneur training both at home and abroad.

Enhancing ICT Exchanges: APEC SME Center for IT Promotion

In accordance with the “Nanjing Declaration on Promoting SME Innovative Development”, China would explore the possibility of setting up the “APEC SME Center for IT Promotion”. This center would connect SMEs of APEC economies and supporting organizations as a platform to share policies, experience,

and the best practices of IT adoption and provide consultation on IT solutions.

Seminar on Financing Innovation of SMEs

SMEs still faced many difficulties, such as financing access, the high cost of financing, and excessively narrow financing channels. “The Seminar of Financing Innovation of SMEs” shared current financing trends and best practices for financing innovation with SMEs, which would be useful for the development of SME financing innovation in APEC developing economies.

8th SME Technology Conference and Fair (China)

The 8th APEC SMETC was held on 19 - 22 June 2014 in Zhejiang Province, China, which focused on electronics, high-end equipment, and producer services under the theme "transformation and upgrading boosted by technical innovation". It worked to strengthen the communication between economy and trade, information and technology, and to help APEC SMEs explore international markets and improve their own competition

APEC SMEs Business Forum (China)

The forum was held on 2 September in Nanjing, China, focused on sharing experience and exchanging ideas on innovative capabilities and sustainable development of SMEs.

With "Innovation and Sustainability" as its theme, the Forum focused on hot topics concerning the SME sector, including global production chains and supply chains, the cooperative relationship between public and private sectors, and financing and SME incubators/accelerators.