Peru Market

Peru Market is a company that joins jewelry designers, artists, micro-entrepreneurs and producers of accessoires in alpaca fibers.


Create an innovative business proposals with quality products that can inspired in our cultural identity, which is our biggest advantage  in the global market.

Propose to the European market and specially in Switzerland the art and work of distinguished textile artists, goldsmiths, weavers, craftsmen and women who mix traditional techniques with fashion designs and trends that can compete in the international market.

Create contemporary jewelery in silver with traditional techniques inspired by the culture of the Incas from Peru.

Promote the trade of accessories in fine alpaca fibers and peruvian handicrafts.

Commercially mobilize women's weaving groups proposing designs to make collections of hand-woven in alpaca fiber.

Spread the Peruvian art and culture through trade and ethical fashion

LINIO Marketplace

If you are looking for the ideal place to sell online and expand your business, you have arrived at the indicated site. Linio Marketplace Peru is the largest online store in Latin America born with the idea of facilitating online sales to all types of companies.


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