SMEs' Integration into Global Value Chains in Services Industries: Tourism Sector

The project will develop of a comprehensive study on structures, main strategies for MSMEs to participate in tourism GVCs, as well as best government practices and policies on facilitating MSMEs access to tourism GVCs.

The project seeks to:

1)   To facilitate better understanding of the structure of the main tourism GVCs (including culture and nature-based tourism; Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions - MICE tourism; accommodation and transport providers; cafes and restaurants); and the opportunities and challenges for tourism MSMEs in the Asia Pacific;

2)  To provide APEC policy makers with a set of recommendations on how to enhance competitiveness in tourism GVCs; and

3)  To help MSMEs build capacity and develop strategy for effective integration into services GVCs.

Beneficiaries of this project include: the public sector (government bodies and agencies), MSMEs and related associations; academia (academic institutions, public and/or private research institutions), multinational corporations and developing economies.

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Compendium on Methodologies for SMEs Internationalization

This initiative is envisaged as a contribution to the MSMEs Marketplace established under the Iloilo Initiative. It also addresses Leader's instructions to implement the Boracay Action Agenda (BBA), and facilitate SMEs access to regional and global markets. Particularly, this initiative will achieve the Common Goals towards 2020 outlined in the BAA, where the indicators include case studies of MSMEs participation in international markets and global value chains, and the increase in internationalization activities. In addition, this compendium will add value to the existing work programme under work stream 5 of the APEC Strategic Blueprint on Global Value Chains on Assisting SMEs to Benefit from GVCs. 

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Peruvian Entrepreneur

It is the platform of Business Development Services of the Ministry of Production, designed to promote the competitiveness of MSMEs through the implementation of mechanisms and instruments for business development and strengthening, to the benefit of the Peruvian entrepreneur, his family, his region and his country.


APEC Forum: Promoting Stakeholder’s Building Capacities in Clusters and Local Economic Promotion Instruments

SMEs are key engines and sources for economic growth in APEC economies.  Therefore, business capacity building on SMEs is necessary to take advantage of opportunities to engage them into international trade flows and commercial investment contracts.  Also, it is important to foster institutional or social capital capacities for designing and implementing public policies in order to adopt a comprehensive and competitive approach within APEC economies, sharing best practices for identifying economic potentialities and projects/programs aiming the promotion of Global Value Chains, clusters, among other business schemes as significant tools for economic developing in Asia-Pacific region.

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Supporting Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) Trade Facilitation through Standardization Activities

MSMEs are important part of APEC economies and have been an APEC's objective to integrate them in regional and global markets. The promotion of the use of standards and conformance among MSMEs will support them to access new markets and to be part of Global Value Chains. This project aims: 1) To conduct a survey on initiatives that National Standards Bodies (NSBs) apply to help MSMEs to better understand the benefits of standards, conformance and metrology  , 2) To exchange information about best initiatives and discuss the survey results and 3) To make a publication with best initiatives that NSB could apply to increase their MSMEs competitiveness and integrate them in international trade.

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Digital Trade Policies for the Development of Digital SMEs 

The project focuses on public policies for the promotion of development of SMEs through the use of technology within new digital businesses.The main activity of the project is a one-day forum on this topic, to which Peru would like to invite delegates of member economies, as well as the local community of SMEs and technological entrepreneurs, and policy makers, among others. 

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Green and Sustainable MSMEs in the APEC Region 

MSMEs contribute significantly to economic growth in APEC economies. It is also wide recognized that MSMEs can play a key role in favor of sustainable development.

The APEC 2016 priority entitled "Towards the Modernization of MSME in the Asia-Pacific" acknowledges this situation and aims to promote the conservation of the environment by fostering MSMEs productivity, the sustainable patterns of production, the efficient use of resources, including energy and clean technologies. This conception about MSMEs' role will facilitate their insertion into Global Value Chains and also, the generation of value in economic activities. Taking into consideration this situation, Peru proposes the organization of a half-day workshop on September 5, 2016 in Lima (previously to the SMEWG41) to present the experiences, opportunities and challenges that APEC Economies may face in the path to modernize.

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Workshop to Identify Factors Affecting Import and Export Clearance Processes made by MSMEs

Competitive MSMEs are essential for the growth of an economy to be more equitable and inclusive. In this regard, Member Economies are implementing mechanisms that promote internationalization of MSMEs, according to the Boracay Agenda. 

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2017 APEC Digital Economy and E-Commerce Forum: Fostering E-Commerce to MSMEs Access to Regional and Global Markets

Digital economy and E-commerce are opening great opportunities to MSMEs, including startups and women entrepreneurs, to connect to global value chains, allowing access to regional and global markets. However, the challenge for MSMEs is to improve their capabilities, and incorporate new strategies, skills and technologies to take advantages of these opportunities.

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