Bellezza Casa Designs

243 Calvary Hills, Apas Cebu City
6th Street
6000 Cebu City
Telephone No: 
+6332 5142469
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Bellezza Casa Designs, Inc. is an interior furnishing and accessories company carrying the legacy on the centuries old tradition of mosaic art.

We explore a variety of natural materials from the finest Philippine shells, Stones to other locally sourced materials to bring beautiful pieces to life while promoting the beauty of what the Philippines has to offer.

A distinctly human touch goes into all our products adding an element of aspirational exclusivity and outstanding handiwork.

All of our products are handcrafted. The material, shell or stone is hand-cut, hand-inlaid, and finished to quality standards and craftsmanship. Operating from our headquarters in Cebu, we design, manufacture, and supply our products and work hand-in-hand with our clients and their designers to create bespoke items for their interior projects. Most of our clientele are internationally based so we work around the clock ensuring careful and controlled quality down to the smallest detail.

The passion we have for design is something we collectively share with our artisans, making them our extended family. Building a company culture that aims to give back to the great community of Cebuano artisans is as important to us as the work we produce. Everyone plays an important role in the process.