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1. Bee Blessings - 100% Wild Honey are source in Palawan as the country’s last frontier boasting the diverse flora and fauna where found the best quality of honey. This honey refers to the sweet substance produced by honeybees from the nectar of blossoms, there are two types of bee species of high commercial value locally known as “pukyutan” are sources of best honey in Palawan, e.g., Apis cerena and Apis mellifera, it also serves honey as food and medicine. 

One of the coolest aspects of wild honey is that all of them are different from each other, it has its own unique aroma, taste and color, with the efforts of honey gatherer finding honeycomb, they thank God for the blessings.

2. Bee Blessings - Calamansi-Wild honey concentrate is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals; it is a refreshing drink with many health benefits. It’s traditionally used to prevent common colds and flu! The vitamin C in calamansi-wild honey concentrate ensures an immediate recovery from viral and bacterial infections.

Especially if the juice is consumed with hot water, wherein the blend of calamansi-wild honey concentrate will produce tremendous benefits; regular consumption of calamansi juice purifies the organs and detoxes the colon, it prevents constipation, improve bowel movement and eliminate stored fat.

The rind, pulp and seed is extracted from the whole calamansi to savor its benefits and vitamins. 

3. Bee Blessings - Ginger plus concentrate is a tea drink with the combination of ginger, lemon, turmeric and wild honey that results to a delicious healthy drink which can help in boosting energy, increasing the function of the circulatory system, allowing the blood to move more freely throughout the body. 

Ginger plus concentrate tea drink is a superfood as well as an antioxidant and an immune-boosting effects, with the infusion of lemon and turmeric in a single beverage, its effectivity become even more potent for body. 

4. Sukang Pinoy - Coconut sap spicy vinegar one mark of a true Filipino is our preference for coconut vinegar.  We use it heavily to cook our favorite dishes like adobo, kinilaw and sinigang. Coconut vinegar can be made from coconut water or from coconut sap.

Coconut sap offers healthier more benefits vinegar than coconut water because of the concentration of essential vitamins and minerals. Our locally made superior more popular sukang tuba naturally fermented blended of chilies to make spiced superhot sukang tuba 100 times hotter, no artificial flavor, color and additives.