Cocoplus Aquarian Dev't Corp.

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Established in 2005, Cocoplus Aquarian Development Corporation manufactures organic Virgin Coconut Oil, known to be the healthiest dietary oil on Earth. The company is capable of producing at least an average of 5,000 to 8,000 liters per month using fresh wet centrifuge method. This type of method produces the best quality virgin coconut oil.

The manufacturing plant is located south of Manila, in the province of Laguna, where coconut trees are abundant. Total lot area is 1,080 square meters situated in a village of Barangay San Bartolome.

At CocoPlus, our primary concern is the health of the consumers. To ensure freshness and quality, the organic virgin coconut oil is processed under strict quality standards.

In 2006, CocoPlus captured the interest of the international market and had its first export venture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was then followed by exports to Nigeria. The following year, the Japanese market saw the numerous health benefits and the potential of VCO. That same year, the CocoPlus virgin coconut oil was the first brand registered under the Ministry of Health in Japan. Since then, the company regularly exports its products in different parts of Japan.

With this vast experience in the export world, CocoPlus guarantees that you get only the best VCO product there is at world class standards.

At CocoPlus, there is nothing healthier and there is nothing more beautiful than what is natural!