Philippine Craft Distillers, Inc. (Lakan)

Unit 704, Common Goal Tower, Finance Street, Mandrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang,
Mandaluyong City
Telephone No: 
(+632) 556.9788


A tradition born in pre-colonial Philippines. In celebration of kinship, as the sun sets after a day of hard work, coconut nectar is distilled into Lambanog by coconut farmers, enjoyed as their voices echo in song. Today, the legend of the Philippine Lambanog that lives in Lakan is distilled in the traditional 90 proof potency from 100% coconut nectar that ferments on its own, without the need for additives. Lakan Extra Premium Lambanog is pure and wonderfully natural.

Artful creation. Modern distillation.

Our Master Artisan uses practically all his human senses to scrutinize the product at every possible level in order to create this pure, clean, and natural liquor. And because it takes tens of coconut trees and a meticulous process to make one bottle, this exceptional liquor can only be produced in limited quantities of peerless, exquisite quality. This artful creation is licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the Philippines and is produced using the latest advances in distillation technology.

Lakan, the true Filipino spirit, is now ready for the whole world to enjoy.

World-class distiller of liquor & spirits

Inspired by the centuries-old distilling of coconut nectar into liquor, Philippine Craft Distillers, Inc. has perfected the production of Lambanog using the latest advances in world-class distillation technology.