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Korea International Trade Association


511, Yeongdongae-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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buyKOREA is a global B2B e-marketplace which supports product search, online transaction, EMS shipping etc. It is possible to check new Korean products which are registered daily and pay by credit...



Coupang is one of the most successful E-Commerce companies in South Korea. Coupang has accomplished its expansion by always innovating its services and looking for a better customer experience. More...


APEC SME Internationalization Model Indices - Development and Application

This project aims to develop APEC model indices to measure SME internationalization level, including global value chain (GVC). The common indices in the APEC would provide basis for and facilitate discussions among the policy makers and businesses. The first project focuses on the development of the APEC SME internationalization indices and the application of it to some of member economies, as a process of examining the feasibility of the indices in the region. Eventually, it will lead to the next project which includes expanding the scope to all APEC economies in the form of extended research and workshops.

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