IP Commercialization for SMEs

The project is implemented within the "Initiative to facilitate the exploitation of IPRs and innovation in SMEs", proposed by Korea and Mexico. The goal of the project is the exchange of experience on best practices in IP management and commercialization for SMEs. The objectives of the projects are:

1) to develop a seminar agenda that is focused on IP commercialization where IP commercialization experts from different APEC economies can identify problems that SMEs face in commercializing their IP;

2) to discuss the ways of solving the problems that SMEs face in certain economic aspects of IP field during 3-day seminar in 2018 in Russia;

3) to identify the best practices on IP management and commercialization for SMEs and further activities to address the needs of SMEs in the IP field in APEC region. 

Representatives of government authorities (policy makers/ government officials), non-governmental organizations and research institutions, who deal with the SMEs issues in IP field, as well as representatives of associations/unions of SMEs will be invited to take part in the seminar.

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