The LOOMs Workshops

3 Lip Hing Industrial Building
# 08-01 S576147
Telephone No: 
+65 9029 1411

The LOOMs Workshops is a social enterprise specialising in bespoke Artisanal Products. Each design carries our mark of textile art and playful repurposing of materials. The result is uniquely beautiful and purposeful  products made with a commitment to producing good and being good. 

Our dream: to artfully create quality handcrafted products and meaningfully impact the underserved populations. Every product and workshop purchased from LOOMs contribute to the education and enablement of women in challenging situations. The end goal is to provide them with training and work opportunities. 

Informed by our knowledge of the materials used and creative processes, we also conduct workshops for corporate, educational institutions and families. As with our products, each workshop is customized to suit different needs and season.