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The United States

SBA Learning Center

SBA is committed to helping small businesses in the US succeed. As such, several programs and laws have been sponsored that directly affect small business owners. Here, you can learn more about how legislation such as the Small Business Jobs Act and SBA initiatives such as the Emerging 200 program can help you and your business succeed.


SBA Resource Guides

Small Business Resource magazine is the most complete guide to starting and expanding your business. You'll find information on counseling, training, capital, contracting, disaster assistance, business advocacy, local directories and more.


SBR Consulting

SBA works with a number of local partners to counsel, mentor, and train small businesses.



SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals through education and mentorship.

SCORE provides:

  • Volunteer MENTORS who share their expertise across 62 industries,
  • Free, confidential business MENTORING in person, via email or by video
  • Free business TOOLS, templates and tips here online
    • Inexpensive or free business WORKSHOPS (locally) and webinars (online 24/7)

Supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and its network of 10,000 volunteers, SCORE is able to deliver its services at no charge or at very low cost. Its 300 chapters hold events and workshops locally across the U.S. and its territories and match up entrepreneurs with local, volunteer mentors.


Viet Nam

BDG Vietnam

BDG VIETNAM has been supporting the market entry of leading medium sized enterprises and corporations for over 10 years. Our team draws on a broad range of knowledge covering various sectors and hold an extensive contact network in Vietnam.


Business Training for Entrepreneurs in Vietnam: An Evaluation of the Sida-supported Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) project

From 1998 to 2004, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and the International Labor Organization (ILO), with SEK 24.7 million fi nancial support from Sida, implemented the Start and Improve Your Business Program (SIYB). The project consists of training programs in business start-up and business management skills for micro and small-scale business owners in basic business management.

UNIDO – Assistance to Industrial SMEs in Vietnam

The UNIDO project ‘Assistance to Industrial SMEs in Vietnam’ was developed in 1994 based on an assessment of the needs of SMEs and of constraints faced by Government and institutions to support SME development. It addressed a sub-set of problems facing SMEs, specifically: incomplete legal and regulatory framework, low general level of technology, unresponsiveness of training systems to meet SME needs, poorly developed enterprise linkages (subcontracting) and weak capacity to prepare business plans.