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PerutradeNow is a Portal aimed at foreign companies which are interested in learning about and purchasing Peruvian products; likewise, it can be used to establish business contacts with Peruvian...



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24시만남/인제출장샵ル카톡ka60 인제일본여대생출장ワW인제모텔출장인제여대생출장알바W인제출장만남W인제출장업소㈔W인제콜걸만남ペW인제애인대행W인제콜걸샵

24시만남/인제출장샵ル카톡ka60 인제일본여대생출장ワW인제모텔출장인제여대생출장알바W인제출장만남W인제출장업소㈔W인제콜걸만남ペW인제애인대행W인제콜걸샵 24시만남/인제출장샵ル카톡ka60 인제일본여대생출장ワW인제모텔출장인제여대생출장알바W인제출장만남W인제출장업소㈔W인제콜걸만남ペW인제애인대행W인제콜걸샵 24시만남/인제출장샵ル카톡ka60...
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24시만남/양양출장샵ル카톡ka60 양양일본여대생출장ワR양양모텔출장양양여대생출장알바R양양출장만남R양양출장업소㈔R양양콜걸만남ペR양양애인대행R양양콜걸샵

24시만남/양양출장샵ル카톡ka60 양양일본여대생출장ワR양양모텔출장양양여대생출장알바R양양출장만남R양양출장업소㈔R양양콜걸만남ペR양양애인대행R양양콜걸샵 24시만남/양양출장샵ル카톡ka60 양양일본여대생출장ワR양양모텔출장양양여대생출장알바R양양출장만남R양양출장업소㈔R양양콜걸만남ペR양양애인대행R양양콜걸샵 24시만남/양양출장샵ル카톡ka60...
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SMEs' Integration into Global Value Chains in Services Industries: Tourism Sector

The project will develop of a comprehensive study on structures, main strategies for MSMEs to participate in tourism GVCs, as well as best government practices and policies on facilitating MSMEs access to tourism GVCs.

The project seeks to:

1)   To facilitate better understanding of the structure of the main tourism GVCs (including culture and nature-based tourism; Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions - MICE tourism; accommodation and transport providers; cafes and restaurants); and the opportunities and challenges for tourism MSMEs in the Asia Pacific;

2)  To provide APEC policy makers with a set of recommendations on how to enhance competitiveness in tourism GVCs; and

3)  To help MSMEs build capacity and develop strategy for effective integration into services GVCs.

Beneficiaries of this project include: the public sector (government bodies and agencies), MSMEs and related associations; academia (academic institutions, public and/or private research institutions), multinational corporations and developing economies.

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