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One Town One Product Online Mall aims to accelerate the development of unique local businesses by encouraging offline consumers to shop online. It is pivotal for small and medium enterprises to make...


ASAP (uitox corporation)

uitox is a global e-commerce group, products in local uitox system can be sold through other uitox websites around the world. uitox plans to establish global sales network in the world's top 200...


Global SME and Corporate Innovation Survey 2017

Both SMEs and large corporations are being disrupted by radical changing business models and digital transformation. Corporate innovation instruments become extremely critical for corporations to stay competitive. However, many SMEs don't have sufficient R&D budgets to invest in innovation. The concept of "Open Innovation" - working with innovative startups "MSMEs" - is one way to mitigate and overcome this deficiency. However, studies show that around 70% - 90% of all innovative MSME integrations with corporations failed. Now more than ever, success in corporate innovation is linked to successful integration of MSMEs / startups into APEC-based SMEs and corporations.

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